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Weed Control

The City of Hailey works in conjunction with the Blaine County Noxious Weed Department in carrying out weed control activities on City rights of way, alleyways and parks. Residents who prefer to pull weeds by hand that are in City rights of way adjacent to their properties, may do so by notifying the City in advance at 208-788-9830, ext. 4. Weeds should be pulled and placed in bags for disposal in the garbage. Some herbicides are used only in specific locations; some are used in multiple locations. For more details call 788-9830, ext. 4. The herbicides used for weed control include the following:

Dimension Specialty Herbicide:  Dimension

Dyne-Amic:  Dyne-Amic

Escalade 2:  Escalade 2 is a premium combination herbicide that uses the advanced new fluroxypyr active to quickly control a comprehensive spectrum of broadleaf weeds in turfgrass. Also an innovative formulation, Escalade 2 will eradicate most broadleaf weeds from turfgrass and provides unsurpassed control of clover.

Escalade 2 MSDS

Esplanade: Non-selective herbicide for emerged and pre-emerged grasses and broadleaf
weeds in Non-Crop Areas including, Paths, Parking Lots, Curbs, Sidewalks,
Driveways, Around Buildings, Gravel areas, Loading Ramps, Educational
Facilities, Storage Yards, Vacant Lots, Railroad and Rail Yards, Managed
Roadsides, Fence Rows, Utilities, Parks, Hardscapes (including crack and
crevice), Industrial, Municipal, Mulched Areas, and Government Sites.

Esplanade Label

Esplanade MSDS

Esplanade EZ:  Esplanade EZ

HI-LIGHT: Industrial strength spray pattern indicator.

Hi-Light MSDS


KleenUp Label

KleenUp MSDS


LI700 Label



On Deck:  On Deck

Platoon: For control of many broadleaf weeds and brush control in corn, soybeans (pre-plant), small grains, pastures, rangelands, and other listed crops and in non-crop areas such as lawns, ornamental turf, drainage ditchbanks, fence rows, and rights of way. Also for aquatic weed control, control of trees by injection, and tank mixes.

Platoon Label

Platoon MSDS

R-11: A non-toxic, non-foaming spreader/activator that enhances performance of agricultural chemicals.

R-11 Label



SpeedZone Label

Vanquish:  Vanquish is a liquid post-emergent herbicide that contains Diglycolamine® for effective management of broadleaf weeds, brush and vines in a variety of VM settings. Vanquish offers superb control of over 200 broadleaf weeds, brush, and vine species and is also an ideal tank-mix partner for even more comprehensive vegetation control. After application, the active ingredient Dicamba is easily absorbed through the leaf surface and the translocates throughout the plant causing the weed to collapse.

Vanquish Label

Vanquish MSDS

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