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The mailing list of all property owners within 300 feet of the exterior boundaries must be supplied with your application. Find your property on http://maps.co.blaine.id.us and copy and paste the info from the county "adjoiners list" to an Excel spreadsheet and email to planning@haileycityhall.org. Ask us for help if needed!

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Community Development Department


What We Do

The Community Development Department provides professional and technical advice to elected officials, appointed commissions, city departments, and citizens to assist in their understanding of City planning and zoning ordinances, bestaucasinosonline.com/nz/ building and safety codes and permitting,standards and policies. The department handles all applications for land use development within the City of Hailey.  

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View Current Hailey Zoning Map with the Downtown Residential Overlay (DRO) Boundary

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Hailey Greenway Master Plan Update - Croy Creek


Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning Code Text Amendments

This Just In! Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Hailey.

The City of Hailey recognizes that land use, population growth, and community character are interrelated, and that social well-being and diversity are tied to the availability of an array of housing types and sizes available for sale or for rent at various price points. When thoughtfully designed, Accessory Dwelling Units can complement the fabric of existing neighborhoods, increase the supply of available housing cbdtop.club, and sustainably accommodate population growth. To that end, the Hailey City Council adopted an ordinance amending the Hailey Municipal Code to allow for the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) within all residential zoning districts in Hailey. Amendments include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrative Design Review process for all ADUs constructed outside of the Townsite Overlay. The ADU shall be approved prior to construction;
  • One (1) ADU is permitted per lot;
  • Short-Term Occupancy Restrictions:
    • Where a lot contains both a primary dwelling and an ADU, only one (1) dwelling can be utilized for Short-Term Occupancy
    • When one (1) dwelling unit is utilized for Short-Term Occupancy, the other unit must be owner-occupied or utilized as a long-term rental (31 days or more);
  • Provisions for scale and size of the ADU;  
  • Permitting a maximum of two (2) bedrooms within an ADU; and
  • Designating Outdoor Access: All ADUs shall include an area to access the outdoors (i.e., balcony, deck, paver patio, etc.). This area shall be no less than 50 square feet.


For further details, a complete list of amendments, and design standards of Accessory Dwelling Units, please visit the link provided.


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Mission Statement

Plan for growth while preserving community values and increasing our environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The purpose of the Hailey Community Development Department is to apply best practices to 1) ensure efficient land use, development and growth management, 2) ensure compliance with city policies and standards and 3) provide the public with information and assistance.

The Community Development Department’s core values, the principles that direct the way we do business, are:

  • Professional and Ethical
  • Thorough and Accurate
  • Proactive and Corrective
  • Open-minded and Creative
  • Communicative and Collaborative
  • Organized and Efficient
  • Responsive and Adaptable
  • Approachable and Knowledgeable

Planning and Zoning Commission

  • Janet Fugate, Chair
  • Owen Scanlon, Commissioner
  • Dan Smith, Commissioner
  • Richard Pogue, Commissioner
  • Dustin Stone, Commissioner

Contact Information

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday        
Our physical & mailing address: 115 Main St. South, Hailey, ID  83333

           Lisa Horowitz
           Community Development Director
                Phone: 208-788-9815 ext. 1
                E-mail: lisa.horowitz@haileycityhall.org

           Robyn Davis
           Community Development City Planner
               Phone: 208-788-9815 ext. 2
               E-mail: robyn.davis@haileycityhall.org

           Paige Nied
           Community Development Resilience Planner/City Planner
               Phone: 208-788-9815 ext. 5
               E-mail: paige.nied@haileycityhall.org

           Jessie Parker
           Community Development Assistant
               Phone: 208-788-9815 ext. 3
               E-mail: jessica.parker@haileycityhall.org

           Department of Building Safety
           Jim Lynch

           Building Official
                Phone: 208-788-9815 ext. 24
                Cell: 208-720-9884
                E-mail: building.official@haileycityhall.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the zoning of my property?

A.  To determine the zoning district your property is located in, please view the map posted at the top of this page or come to City Hall to view the Hailey Zoning Map, or call the Planning Department. You'll need the property's legal description or a detailed description of the property's location, so we can find it on our map.

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Q2. What are the allowed uses on my property?

A.  Each zoning district has Permitted, Accessory, and Conditional Uses (a Permit is required for a Conditional Use). These are listed for each district in the Hailey Zoning Ordinance. If you do not know the zoning district your property is located in, please call the Planning Department.

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Q3. What are the setbacks for my property?

A.  The required front, rear, and side yard setbacks vary between zoning districts. Setbacks are listed for each district in the Hailey Zoning Ordinance.

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Q4. Are front setbacks measured from the edge of the street?

A.  Yes and No. Setbacks are not measured from the edge of the pavement, but from the edge of the street right-of-way (Street right-of-way widths in Hailey vary between 60 and 100 feet). The best way to determine the exact location of all your property lines is to have a land surveyor locate the actual property pins. Click HERE for Hailey street widths.

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Q5. Do I need a permit to operate a Daycare?

A.  Daycare businesses are defined in three categories:

  1. Daycare Homes: providing care for six or fewer children at any one time.
  2. Daycare Facilities: providing care for no more than twelve children at any one time.
  3. Daycare Centers: providing care for thirteen or more children.

All categories of daycare businesses require a Daycare License from the City of Hailey. Contact City Hall regarding licensing. Depending on the zoning district, some categories also need a Conditional Use Permit. The Planning Department will assist you with this permit application.

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Q6. Can I have a business in my home?

A.  Home occupations are permitted uses in residential zoning districts, however, these must be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of a dwelling as a residence and not negatively impact the surrounding neighborhood. Home occupations must meet all of the following criteria as set forth in the Hailey Zoning Ordinance:


  1. The home occupation shall not change the residential character of the dwelling or neighborhood.
  2. There shall be no exterior advertising.
  3. There shall be no sale or rental of stocks, supplies or products conducted on the premises.
  4. There shall be no exterior storage on the premises of material or equipment associated with the home occupation.
  5. There shall be no offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, heat, or glare noticeable at or beyond the property lines.
  6. The home occupation shall not create the need for additional parking.
  7. The home occupation shall employ no unrelated person who is not a permanent resident of the dwelling.
  8. There shall be no significant increase in traffic in the vicinity of the dwelling as a result of the home occupation.
  9. Storage of explosive, combustible or hazardous materials shall conform to the regulations and restrictions adopted by the City in the Uniform Building Code.


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Q7. I have a complaint about certain uses on a neighbor's property. How do I resolve the problem?

A.  Consider talking to your neighbor with the intent of working out your problem before involving the City in the matter. If you are unsuccessful in your diplomatic efforts, please submit your complaints, including as many details as possible, in writing to the City. The Planning Department will review the complaint, and if there is a zoning violation, will work to resolve the situation.

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Q8. What is the purpose of Design Review?

A.  The Design Review process was established in order to protect property rights and values, and ensure that the general appearance of buildings and site improvements are consistent with the goals of the City. These goals include: enhancement of properties with adequate landscaping, proper circulation within parking areas, and to encourage architecture that responds to the needs of the users, as well as presents an attractive exterior to the public and adjoining property owners. Nearly all commercial, industrial, public and multi-family residential (three or more units) projects have a requirement for Design Review approval.

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Q9. How soon can I get my application on a Planning and Zoning Commission's agenda?

A.  The Planning Department's deadline is approximately 5 1/2 weeks prior to the Commission meetings. This allows the Planning staff time to certify the application as complete, the City Department Heads to review the application to ensure it meets basic standards, and following this review, adequate time for providing notice of the Public Hearing as required by Idaho State Code.

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Q10. I know the City has an Outdoor Lighting Ordinance. How does it affect me or my business?

A.  The Hailey Outdoor Lighting Ordinance is intended to cut down on unsafe glare to motorists and pedestrians, and to prevent light trespass onto neighboring properties, by requiring all outdoor lighting to be full cut-off and downcast. By directing the light downward, many residences and businesses are able to decrease the wattages of their lights, therefore reducing energy consumption. All residential users as well as business owners should be in full compliance with this ordinance at this time. For the full text of the ordinance, click here. For further questions, call 788-9815.

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