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The mailing list of all property owners within 300 feet of the exterior boundaries must be supplied with your application. Find your property on http://maps.co.blaine.id.us and copy and paste the info from the county "adjoiners list" to an Excel spreadsheet and email to planning@haileycityhall.org. Ask us for help if needed!

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City of Hailey Floodplain Information

View Current Hailey Zoning Map with Floodplain Boundaries

Flood Plain Management

Are you prepared for a flood in your neighborhood?

It's never too late to think about long term planning to prevent flood loss in the future, and to provide peace of mind when the snow pack starts to melt.

The City of Hailey has a Flood Hazard Overlay District, which includes all property that has been determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be in the Special Flood Hazard Area. This zoning district has been set up to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare, and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions.


Floodplain Brochure and Information

Hailey Master Flood Plan 2017

Blaine County Multi-Jurisdiction All Hazard Mitigation Plan

Visit Floodsmart.gov for more information about flooding & flood risks, residential/commercial coverage, and preperation and recovery.


The main watercourses within Hailey are the Big Wood River, Indian Creek and Quigley Creek. If you live or own property near one of these waterways, you may be in the floodplain. FEMA produces a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), which is available for review at the City of Hailey. To find out where your property is in relation to the floodplain, contact the Floodplain Administrator at 208.788.9815 ext. 1 or visit the link below:

Blaine County's Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM)

The City of Hailey also maintains Flood Elevation Certificates for the streets listed below. If an address is not listed, please contact the Community Development at 208.788.9815 ext. 3.



The City of Hailey participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, which assures that flood insurance is available to everyone in the City. This program is set up to help reduce the flood hazard and lower the cost of flood insurance within the city. If you live in the floodplain and do not have flood insurance, check with your insurance agent. A standard homeowner's insurance policy does not provide flood damage coverage. According to most insurance carriers in the area, a 30-day waiting period exists for flood insurance to be effective, so if you feel flooding in your neighborhood may impact you, make sure that you have your flood insurance in place ahead of time. The City of Hailey Floodplain Manager is available to assist with any technical questions you may have about flood insurance policies and coverage. Please call 788-9815 ext. 13, to find out more information.


The City of Hailey regulates activities, which occur within the Flood Hazard Overlay District through Section 17.04J of the Zoning Title.

A Flood Hazard Development Permit is required prior to any development within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). This includes additions to existing buildings, any excavation or grading, the construction of new structures, fencing and stream alteration. Some projects may also require approval from the Idaho Department of Water Resources and the Army Corp of Engineers. If you are uncertain if your project would require a permit and/or prior approval, please contact the Floodplain Administrator or Building Departments prior to the commencement of any work.


Floodplains provide many benefits and functions, which are valuable to our community. Simply put, a properly functioning floodplain helps reduce flood losses and erosion, improves water quality and wildlife habitat, and provides recreational and educational opportunities.

It is important to remember that even if you are not directly adjacent to the river or creek, your actions could impact the quality of the water. Storm water drains to the waterways and carries with it any pollutants it encounters along the way. Common pollutants, which seriously impact the water quality, include fertilizer, pesticides and oils.


A couple of issues regarding the Quigley Flood Study have come to light with the expansion of Wood River High School. A stream alteration has been constructed by the City, Quigley Canyon Ranch, and the Blaine County School District so that potential floodwaters would come down the new canal adjacent to the high school. There is an increased possibility of water being seen in the Woodside canals when there has not been water in those channels for many years. Please be cautious if this does occur, especially with regard to children and pets playing near the canals.

FEMA is currently re-evaluating the Floodplain mapping to ensure accuracy. Based on funding, FEMA continues to conduct an ongoing study to amend the flood map which will likely remove portions of Woodside from its flood hazard area. This is not for certain and can only be determined after the study is complete. This project is one that will require several years to complete, and your patience with our staff will be greatly appreciated. Projected date of completion is fall of 2017 based on funding.

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Our physical & mailing address: 115 Main South Main Street, Hailey, ID  83333
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